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Your rights are the basis of our profession and we fight for them with passion. We will do what it takes so you don't have to control your fists in your pocket. We fight for your rights and are always right at your side. Experience, competency and commitment are core virtues every member of our law firm is known for. The migration lawyers at the immigration law office of Ronen Kurzfeld have years of experience in resolving all immigration issues.
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Immigration legislation is turning into jungle that is harder and harder to navigate. You can be roped into legal proceedings much more quickly than you would ever expect and once you are, it is hard to predict the outcome. As your attorneys we will fight for your rights using every remedy available.
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We are proud to have represented many individuals, business people and corporations with their immigration cases and to have played a role in helping people start new lives and ventures in Canada. You can visit Immigration Law Office of Ronen Kurzfeld to get your immigration procedure started right away. You can come to our office at 170 Sheppard Ave E #101, Toronto, ON M2N 3A4 or call us at (416) 225-9800 to book your consultation.